About Free Trades inc


in 2001, Free Trades inc Company pioneered the use of no load mutual funds to professionally manage investment portfolios for clients.

Our performance is rooted in a systematic investment discipline known as Upgrading. This strategy allows us to be invested in the best performing mutual funds available – whatever the current market conditions.

We offer three services which provide access to the benefits of the Upgrading strategy.

  • Investment Advisory Services
    Free Trades inc provides personalized portfolio management for private client accounts.

    Our Investment Plans
Investment Plan Amount Interest Period Withdraw Risk Money Back Guarantee
EUR / USD 1.3490 Nov 15, 8:00PM GMT +0.00330 %)
USD/JPY 100.2200 Nov 15, 8:00PM GMT ( +0.13000 %)
GBP/USD 1.6111 Nov 15, 8:00PM GMT +0.00510 %)
AUD / USD 0.9361 Nov 15, 8:00PM GMT ( +0.00520 %)
USD/CAD 1.0447 Nov 15, 8:00PM GMT -0.00200 %)
USD/CHF 1.0447 Nov 15, 8:00PM GMT -0.00200 %)
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